Kids + Road Trips: Beyond The Drive-Thru

 Our summer road trips used to be synonymous with fast food. From Wyoming to Washington, my family was always one game piece short of winning a Subway Scrabble or McDonald’s Monopoly game. We found most meals spur-of-the-moment: convenient, cheap, and not a bit healthy. We would drive in and out to stay on schedule and arrive at our destination on time. Then, my a-ha moment let me to newfangled health-focused thoughts on life. It was exciting. It was torture. CHANGE is torture. Even just for myself, but as the matriarch of my little Queen-dom? How can I raise my standards for this little adventure crew? This was going to be a heavy challenge square on my shoulders. And the countdown was on, I had a limited amount of time before the wee-ones would would call my bluff on the family legend that Fruit Loops were only from Cancun and not found in Target.    Was it possible to take three wee ones at the ages 4, 6 and 8 in a drive-thru world and mold them into 14, 16, and 18 real food appreciating travelers?  Spoiler: The answer is YES. A resounding Yes. And I found my key. Maybe not my patience, but my key.